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5 out of 5! Well done Cinnamon Squirrel!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Well done Cinnamon Squirrel! Read, Kimberley's tea blogger full review here: #letstalktea, https://teaisawishblog.com/ & find out how our little eco-friendly cutie fared! It is so nice to see someone appreciate the attention and love we have put in our teas and packaging. Let's spread the tea hugs!

In a nutshell (yes, I like a good pun :), the few points that Kimberley liked about our ginger friend:

1. "Some of the best/ well thought out and designed packaging I have seen since I started drinking tea."

Now I am blushing and yes, love you photoshop.

2. "The fact that the packaging contains zero plastic is an added bonus as well"

Our Squirrel is a mighty eco-warrior for sure!

3. Perfect balance between the rooibos, apple and cinnamon.

4. Last but not least, she jazzed it up as a latte

I strongly encourage you to read the full review here:


And also have a look at her blog for more tea goodness:


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