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Healthy, doesn't have to taste bad...

In an attempt to start the year on a good note, you bought an overpriced "detox" miracle drink/powder/cure/thing... To reinforce the idea of its health earnestness, the colour is a yucky brownish-green with taste to match. Every morning now you start with the same sad routine of gobbling down a glass of that undefined "curative" substance in the hope that the gag reflex it produces is at least a good work out for your diaphragm if not the wonderful antidote to all your health woes... Sounds familiar? The truth is it doesn't have to be.

In the same way that a science graduate does not have to wander around with a calculator stapled to his head, boring and insipid food does not guarantee nutritional value. Commercially driven dieting companies, trendy magazines and mock-science food fads are much to blame for our skewed understanding of what healthy food really means.

Now, it might sound like bragging but...

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what's inside Totem teas:

Antioxidants/Magnesium/Potassium/Polyphenols/Riboflavin/ Iron/Vitamin C (especially when it is fresh)

0g Fat/ 0g Satured fat/ 0g Suger/ 0g Salt

And the associated potential health benefits:

Cell damage prevention/ Improved brain function/ Metabolic boost/ Increased fat burning/ Lower risk of Alzeheimer's and Parkinson's disease/ Dental cavity prevention/ Blood sugar reduction/ Lower risk of cardiovascular disease

Last but not least some of our tea flavours:

Rich Assam with caramel chunks/ Green Sencha with freeze dried strawberries and melon/ Exotic fruit blend with coconut flakes/ Rooibos with cinnamon/ Cherry blossom Sencha green tea/ Moroccan mint green tea...

I think you get the gist. Next time you want to invest in your health choose some delicately scented nutrient rich mighty leaves :)

Ours are all organic, ethical and come in entirely bio-degradable packaging.


Holidays closure- Dispatch will resume early January, Many Thanks

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