Llamas have a bit of a reputation for bad temper but our Chai Lllama is just a fluffy ball of love. A carefully balanced mix of spices (cardamon, ginger & cinnamon) with an hint of Vanilla adds to a fresh green maté base. Enjoy your aromatic cuddle!

12 biodegradable pyramids freshly hand prepared for optimal scent and flavour. Our cello bags are made with wood pulp and our mailing envelopes with paper :)ORGANIC-VEGAN-ETHICAL-BIODEGRADABLE-HAND PREPARED


Chai Llama-Aromatic Yerba Maté

  • Zero plastic packaging, biodegrable pyramids
  • Organic green mate
  • Organic ginger & cardamon
  • Ethical
  • Whole leaf. Up to 36 cups, 12p a cup
  • Vegan

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