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Send a bit of love through the post with our gift box.

The ethical organic gift that keeps on giving! :)


Each gift box contains:

3x 5 hand-prepared plastic-free pyramids Bags

1x hand-personalised message from you to your loved-one

1x hand-folded butterfly origami

1x handy letter-size gift box

It really doesn't get more personal than that!


4 Flavour combinations to choose from:

Green Delight: 3 green teas (Cheery blossom, Moroccan mint & Exotic strawberry)

Dark & Brooding: 3 traditional Assam black teas (Rwanda reserve, Red Berries & Earl Grey)

Snoozy: Our sleep bestsellers including Hemp, Chamomile & Valerian

Decaf-Fun: Fruity and spicy herbal & rooibos (no caffeine guaranteed)



Please, do not forget to fill in the customised message section below if you wish a different message.



Self- isolation- Get well soon Personalised Gift Box