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Peace at last! Unwind with this blend of fresh lemongrass, soothing camomille and calming valerian. This is your special time, your moment of peace, a well-deserved breather...

This blend of organic marigold, soothing camomile and calming valerian is here to help you unwind before bed time. Every single ingredient in this blend is organic so you can fully benefit from their medicinal attributes without the little nasties. Sleepy Owl is a nice warming herbal based remedy to soothe you to sleep. This is your special time, your moment of peace, a well-deserved breather...


25g biodegradable pouches 


Our totem cubes are recyclable. Our cellophane bags, pouches and tea filters are compostable.




Sleepy Owl- Valerian- Sleep Relief

  • Soothing, calming blend
  • Organic camomille, valerian and lavender
  • Organic rose hip
  • Fair trade
  • Perfect before bed time
  • Freshly Hand wrapped in the Surrey Hills
  • Packaging entirely compostable or recyclable